Why partner Senior Carers as a service provider?

With an industry that has high demands on Compliance and GDPR, Senior Carers have use of software suites, Recruitment pathways that ensure we have safer recruitment processes as per SSSC and other regulatory bodies.

At the top of our values list, we understand that every client and candidate are unique and no two booking requests are ever the same.

To add our unique combination of expertise, insight and the Senior Carer Signature Training (SCST) allows us to leap frog our competitors in quality of candidates and delivery of care. This allows us to be consistant with our perfomance and grading indicators.

How we manage your staff request
You request…

  1. We respond within 5 minutes
  2. We match your booking request to our candidate database
  3. We confirm the candidate via telephone, profile sent via email and thus the job invoiced.

Our commitment to you:

  • We aim to guarantee 100% fulfilment within 20 minutes
  • Continuous training and supervision, tracked and ensured throughout our candidate lifetime with Senior Carers
  • Dedicated Assigned Account Director
  • Round the clock availability of staff to meet your needs.

Staff selection process

Our selection process is meticulous and robust and all enabled using care specific Recruitment and HR platforms. We place emphasis on ensuring we remain guided by all regulatory bodies recommendations and guidelines for best and safer recruitment.

Our candidates are all put through the Senior Carers’ Signature Training Programme and groomed to ensure excellence and adaptation to various working environments and requirements.

We aim to place candidates only with companies that will value candidates at the heart of their business. After all, our staff are our most valuable asset. Our staff are trained to always deliver at 100% for client satisfaction.

Executive reading a resume during a job interview and businessman Completing Application Form. Hiring concept.

What Our Clients Say

Experienced staff
Responsive and Supportive Frontline staff
Service well managed, Great understanding to our simple need “We need experienced, competent, compassionate, Carin and reliable staff